July 31, 2016 pt of the day

July 31, 2016
pt of the day

“Like success,
failure is many things to many people.
With positive mental attitude,
failure is a learning experience,
a rung on the ladder,
and a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order to prepare to try again.”
“Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die,
life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”

July 30, 2016 pt of the day

July 30, 2016
pt of the day

“The two things that truly belong to ourselves are
our thoughts and actions.”
“Take notice of what thoughts you choose to fill your mind with each day.
Our thoughts draw to us whatever is dominating our mind,
so always keep what you are thinking about in check.”
“Mastery of impulse is all about self-discipline and choice.
The mind is a powerful tool
with which we have the ability to be in control of ourselves.”




Women’s Bodybuilding
While not as widely participated in as Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding did still bring together some high caliber athletes. In the Masters 45+ Class, long time competitor Dawn Alison placed 2nd to Newfoundland’s Heather Manuel. From BC, Dawn has been an active member of the Fitness community for many years, her ‘FitbodyBC’ Team of athletes always represent well at competitions from regionals to nationals. She also placed 3rd in Open Heavyweight and 1st with partner Brandon Best in the couples division! A number of competitors from the 45+ group did double duty in Open as well, including class winners Faye Wlad and Robin Eve. Three strong contenders in Masters Heavyweight, Alberta’s Pearl Binder won the class and the Overall Pro Card, good muscle size, shredded and vascular! Impressive non-masters competitors in the open division were Heather King in Light-Heavyweight and Overall Champion Nicki Chartrand in Heavyweight.

PICTURE BELOW: Dawn Alison – Women’s Bodybuilding – Masters 45+ – 2nd/Open Heavyweight 3rd./ COUPLES BODYBUILDING 1st. with Brandon Best

July 29, 2016 pt of the day

July 29, 2016
pt of the day

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers
but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefield
but to my own strength.
Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved
but hope for the patience to win my freedom.
Grant me that I may not be a coward,
feeling your mercy in my success alone;
But let me find the grasp of your hand in my failure.
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

july 28, 2016
pt of the day

Do not fear failure.
Fear mediocrity.
If you resolve to NEVER quit then there is no failure,
only setbacks.
It’s never too late to become what you could have been…
Mediocrity scares the shit out of me.











The idea that I was conceived, built, grown

and launched into this world to be nothing more than “Run-of-the-mill” is simply unacceptable.

Some may see this as a silly, contrived fear.

How can someone find fear in being average?

Average is safe.

That’s why we all strive to achieve the same things in life…

…safety, security and sanctuary free from scrutiny.

No one second guesses the standard process.

No one questions the usual path.

Because people who break free from mediocrity aren’t normal…

…they’re radicals, rebels, and rabble-rousers.

They wipe their ass with typical.

Typical is the murderer of thought…
the defiler of the idea…
the jailer of genius.
Typical is the synapse you’ve already burned into that genius brain of yours…

…that genius brain of mine, and it leads right to the lizard brain.

The lizard brain wants us all to be the same.

A flock of geese.

A herd of cattle.

Middle management.

The lizard brain tells us to avoid trouble…

“Don’t rock the boat…” and we listen.

So we put in the time,

we pay your dues

and we pray that someday everything works out.

That the cubicle will become an office…

That the hourly wage will become a salary…

That the job will become a career…

That our sensibility will become success…


Mediocrity is a choice.
We don’t choose to die.

Even if we did, it was going to happen eventually anyway.

Why fear something you can’t avoid?

Not that I want to die, I certainly don’t,

but fear of death just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Death isn’t a choice.

But fear courses through my veins at the possibility of living a typical life.

Debilitating, gut-wrenching, sweat-inducing fear.

Fear of expectations not achieved.

Fear of childhood dreams cast aside for the security of a life not questioned, not critiqued…

Fear of never really being alive.

Never taking a risk.

Never putting myself on display, naked and alone, vulnerable to inquisition.

Never feeling the pain of defeat… of failure.

Fear of average.

Fear of being picked 5th for dodge ball.

Fear of being no different from you.

I don’t mean better than you,

I mean different.

How can I add value to your life if our regular lives are exactly the same.

Am I supposed to help you become more typical?

More mediocre?

More regular?

I fear mediocrity and not death because one is my choice and one is inevitable.

When I death becomes me and I’m given the opportunity to look back on my life it will be my choices that yield regret.

See… I want to dent the world in whatever way I can.

Not because I have some unique gift others are incapable of providing…

…but rather I have the willingness to do so.

Creation Destroys Mediocrity


My friend.

The bright light in our would be dark, mediocre lives.

Creation is my prayer, my meditation, my savior from leading a mediocre life.

And honestly there is no method to my creation madness.

Maybe one day it’s fabricating a new word to describe something I don’t understand.

The next it might be making my wife laugh so hard she has to pee.

Today’s it’s writing.

My point is this…

Mediocrity is a derivative of our surrender to the lizard brain.
The lizard brain says don’t create, don’t stick out, don’t be different.

There is no safety or security in being different.

Stand out and you will be scrutinized,

you will be criticized,

you will experience failure

and you will feel pain.

Listen to the lizard brain and you will be safe,

you will be secure and you will be mediocre.

But you will never experience what if feels like to be completely awesome,

even if only for a moment…

…and you will certainly never be the person you were conceived,

built, grown and launched into this world to become.

Mediocrity scares the shit out of me.

But as fate would have it, the choice to overcome that fear is mine.

I choose to create.

I hope you will too…

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

~ Confucius

jULY 26, 2016 pt of the day

jULY 26, 2016
pt of the day

“Never say that you can’t do something,
or that something seems impossible,
or that something can’t be done,
no matter how discouraging or harrowing it may be;
human beings are limited only by what we allow ourselves to be limited by:
our own minds.
We are each the masters of our own reality;
when we become self-aware to this:
absolutely anything in the world is possible.

Master yourself,
and become king of the world around you.
Let no odds, chastisement, exile, doubt, fear,
or ANY mental virii prevent you from accomplishing your dreams.
Never be a victim of life;
be it’s conqueror.”

TEAM Fit Body RESULTS Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals 2016

Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals 2016

Dawn Alison​
Canadian National Couples Champion
2nd in Grandmasters
3rd in Heavyweight

Laura Sutton​
2nd in Middleweights
4th in Grandmasters

Luis Ramirez
2nd in Masters Lightweight

Brandon Best​
Canadian National Couples Champion

July 25, 2016 pt of the day

July 25, 2016
pt of the day

“You may encounter many defeats,
but you must not be defeated.
In fact,
it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,
so you can know who you are,
what you can rise from,
how you can still come out of it.”
“The brick walls are there for a reason.
The brick walls are not there to keep us out.
The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.
Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.
They’re there to stop the other people.

We fly out for Canadian BODYBUILDING Nationals this morning TEAM Fit Body has 4 competing

We fly out for Canadian BODYBUILDING Nationals this morning
TEAM Fit Body has 4 competing

in Grand Master Bodybuilding and Middlewts.

in Masters and Middlewts

in Classic Physique
And Couples

In Grand Masters
and Heavyweights
and Couples

Be home late Sunday night
Watch Brandon and my Facebook for updates