JUN 15, 2017 PT OF THE DAY

JUN 15, 2017

Determination its the key to all human success.
But by definition –
being determined in the face of struggle is difficult.
Sometimes we need support and encouragement,
sometimes we need to figure out what went wrong,
and sometimes we just need to grit our teeth,
pull ourselves up by the bootstraps,
and soldier onward.
At the end of the day,
life is hard for all of us (though to varying degrees),
and there will be many obstacles to what we want from life.
You might look at successful people and from the outside – it looks easy.
You might think you’re putting in as much effort as anyone else.
But the truth is that as humans,
we often overestimate our own determination
and underestimate the determination of those around us.
Keep walking !!

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