Oct 10, 2017 pt of the day

Oct 10, 2017
pt of the day

and just DO….just BE….
“To this day,
I remain awestruck by the fact that
human beings are capable of this type of metamorphosis.
We don’t have to stay stuck displaying the same personality traits over the course of our lifetime
but are free to transform into higher expressions of ourselves.
Today I can honestly say that
I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that human beings are capable of making radical and lasting change.
After decades of coaching individuals and leading groups,
I have discovered that if I don’t buy into people’s perceptions of who they are
and what they are capable of,
I can bypass their public personas
and see who they are in their highest expression.
With a little effort,
I can see their magnificence and their potential
no matter what they look like
or what condition their emotional, spiritual, or financial world is in.
I can see through their acts,
their personas, their fears and insecurities.
I can see who they are apart from the baggage they carry around.
The undeniable fact is that underneath all of our public personas,
we already are that which we desire to be.
Our only job is to see past our own limitations
so that we can return to that which we already are.

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