Jantana Neutralizing Scrub

Neutralizing Scrub

First Step To “The Winning Competition Color!”

Lowers and Neutralizes the pH of the skin to ensure “The Winning Competition Color”.

Gentle massaging beads and rich foaming lather, renews and refines the texture of the skin for extraordinary smooth skin and radiant color On Stage.

Prepares skin to ensure a smooth, even application and greater absorption of Competition Color. Has a wonderful apricot scent.

Most Important Step To The Winning Competition Color!
Do Not Apply Color Until You Scrub!

Jantana moiturizing Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion

Conditions Skin For Better Absorption of Competition Color.

Immediately Makes Skin Look Younger... Healthier! Collagen & Vitamin Enriched to nourish and condition skin and help prevent pre-mature aging. Works Wonders On All Skin Types. Men And Women Love It.

Makes Your Skin Look Fabulous On Stage.

Jantana Onstage Glaze

Ultra Body Glaze
The Secret For Perfect Definition

Defines And Maximizes Your Physique!

Hi-Definition Glaze Instantly Defines and Maximizes Muscularity, Vascularity and Hardness. Shields On Stage Color and hardens under bright stage lights to add dramatic depth to your physique.

This Glaze will make you look amazing!

Glaze To Win!

Jantana Apllication Puffs

NEW! Leopard Print
Tanning Puffs

For Smooth Even Application of Color.

These velvet soft puffs are a must to ensure smooth, even competition color. Apply color to puff and smooth on following the contour of the body. After tanning you may wash the puffs and reuse them over and over again.

Puffs Prevents Overly Tanned Palms!

Fit Body Competition Kit

Fit Body
Competition Kit

Everything you need to make your next competition shine!

• Jantana Body Scrub
• Jantana Moisturizing Lotion
• Jantana Onstage Glaze
• Jantana make-up puff
• Performance Brands Bikini Bite

Jantana Hi Def Make-up

Competition Make-Up
Concealer and Foundation

Your search for make-up to match your skin color when competition is over.

The Jan Tana Hi-Definition Make-Up matches Jan Tana Hi-Definition Color Perfectly!

Rich Creme foundation and concealer gives you a flawless appearance. Will not clog your pores.

Lighter Shade hides circles under eyes, covers blemishes, freckles and flaws and may be used as a highlighted.

Darker shade provides superb, natural-looking coverage and a flawless finish.

Get a professional make up look without the expense of a make-up artist.

Works wonders on all skin tones. Ideal for all skin types.

Never look like a pale face On Stage or in your photos again. ORDER NOW!

Bikini Bite Suit fastener

Bikini Bite
Suit Fastener

No-Slip Suit Fastener provides superior holding power yet gentle to the skin. Easy roll-on formula keeps posing suits & costumes adhered for hours. Keeps bikinis, mini dresses, hot shorts and skirts in place.

Suggested Use:


Competition Air Brush Tan

2 coats, plus touch ups before am & pm shows. Includes glaze application.


Carbolyze Made With Glycogen Reloading Technology! Species Supplements: Please contact for details and pricing.

Carbolyze Made With Glycogen Reloading Technology!


Made With Glycogen Reloading Technology!

Carbolyze has the unique ability to rapidly shuttle nutrients, as well as other performance supplements (e.g. creatine), through the stomach and into the bloodstream where they are then delivered directly to the working muscles to boost performance, increase recovery time, and stimulate protein synthesis. Welcome to the future of carbohydrate replacement drinks!

CARBOLYZE contains two key recuperative ingredients:

Waxy maize starch is a long-chain, high molecular weight, carbohydrate that’s 100 times larger than maltodextrin and 3000 times bigger than dextrose. Waxy maize starch is sugar-free, yet moves through the stomach 80% faster than either dextrose or maltodextrin and helps facilitate rapid glycogen resynthesis and nutrient uptake into the muscles. Gone are the days of bloating and cramping!

D-Ribose is a naturally occurring 5-pentose carbohydrate molecule that’s found in all living cells and that helps facilitate the production of ATP (the primary energy source for all cellular processes).

* No Bloating, No Cramps, No Stomach Upset
* 39 gm Muscle - Restoring Carbohydrate Per Scoop
* Most potent post - workout supplement available

Two great flavors : Banana (mixes great with chocolate ISOLYZE) and Fruit Punch

Please contact for details and pricing.
FIBERLYZE is a unique combination fiber supplement that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.


Fiber Replacement Drink
No Sugar/No Fat /No Aspartame
9 grams of health-promoting fiber per scoop

Facts and Information

FIBERLYZE is a unique combination fiber supplement that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.

It’s been shown that the inclusion of soluble fiber from psyllium can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease by suppressing cholesterol synthesis in the liver and reducing blood levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. And less LDL cholesterol means less atherogenic plaques in the blood vessels.

What most people don’t know is that soluble fiber is also instrumental in any successful weight loss program. What? Fibre burns fat? Well, the beneficial bacteria of the colon have the ability to ferment soluble fiber. While this occurs, short chain fatty acids are liberated. These short chain fats can then enter the portal blood circulation and travel to the liver where they decrease the liver’s output of glucose. Less circulating glucose means that less insulin is released and lower insulin levels in the blood mean that less fat is stored.

Not to be forgotten, diets that include sources of insoluble fiber also have tremendous health and performance benefits. Insoluble fiber promotes regular bowel movements, removes toxic wastes from the colon, and prevents colon cancer by maintaining optimal pH’s in the intestines. And when the colon is healthy and toxins are being efficiently removed from the body, muscle can be synthesized and repaired at maximal rates.

Please contact for details and pricing.

Species ArthrolyzeARTHROLYZEô

ARTHROLYZEô contains key raw materials necessary for complete joint and connective tissue repair. Only the highest potency ingredients with maximum effective dosages are provided for fast, efficient, resynthesis of damaged cartilage, ligaments and tendons. No other joint repair formula on the market has the high potency dosages in ARTHROLYZEô!

GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE: Glucosamine has two critical functions in joint care: It rebuilds cartilage and it lubricates the joints.

a) In joint tissue, glycosaminoglycans are a major structural component of the surface cartilage. When this tissue breaks down during exercise, the body uses glucosamine sulfate to repair the damage. Because of the increased demand for glucosamine sulfate, large supplemental amounts (4000-8000mg per day) can help facilitate the repair of joint cartilage and connective tissue.

b) Supplemental glucosamine sulfate lubricates the joints by stimulating the production of joint-cushioning synovial fluid.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): MSM is an organic, non-toxic, substance comprised of approximately 1/3 sulfur. Itís important to remember that sulfur can be found in countless tissues of the human body including the structural proteins in joints and connective tissue. Taken in the right quantities (2-4 grams per day), MSM provides enough sulfur to repair damaged muscle and to rebuild injured joints. Letís not forget that sulfur is also a significant component of collagen, which makes it vital to the formation and repair of cartilage.

CHONDROITIN SULFATE: Chondroitin Sulfate is another key component of cartilage that helps keep it healthy by drawing fluid (particularly water) into the surrounding connective tissue. Research suggests that chondroitin sulfate may also prevent the breakdown of connective tissue and help the body rebuild new cartilage

CALCIUM FRUCTOBORATE (FruiteX-Bģ): Calcium fructoborate is the only food-form source of boron available for dietary supplements. Its unique calcium-boron conglomerate supports vitamin D metabolism, calcium metabolism, collagen integrity, prostate health, as well as joint and bone health. This patented extract is water soluble and itís efficiently absorbed into the blood stream in its intact form. In clinical studies with arthritis patients, doses of just 6mg per day (the dosage in ARTHROLYZE) resulted in reduced joint pain, less stiffness, and increased flexibility.

Please contact for details and pricing.
Species Lipolyze


LIPOLYZE can be best categorized as a caloric wasting supplement. Whereas most fat-burning formulations on today’s market depend on stimulants such as ephedra (rarely seen today), caffeine, and synephrine at SPECIES, we reject the premise that the only effective way to burn fat is to “stimulate” the body into action. While stimulants do increase metabolic rate, they also increase the production of catabolic (muscle-wasting) hormones such as cortisol. As cortisol levels rise in the body, lean muscle tissue is broken down, immune system function is suppressed, and dangerous abdominal belly fat deposition is increased.

Remember, the quantity of lean muscle in the body is highly correlated with the basal metabolic rate (BMR). Less muscle means a lower BMR! If stimulant-based fat burners are used to help shed unwanted body fat, there’s a very good chance that, once they’re discontinued, metabolic rate will significantly decrease and the predisposition to gain unwanted body fat will significantly increase.

If this scenario wasn’t bad enough, consider the fact that stimulants raise blood pressure, increase heart rate, and increase anxiety levels. What this means is that individuals with a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or brain chemistry abnormalities should certainly steer clear of these compounds. LIPOLYZE is the most potent non-stimulant based fat burner that’s legally available today!

Please contact for details and pricing.
Species Omegalyze


Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are, by definition, polyunsaturated fats that are essential to human health and that can't be manufactured by the body. There are 2 specific families of EFAs: Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

» Complete Essential Fatty Acid Supplement
» Omega-3/Omega-6
» 180 softgels (1 month supply)

Please contact for details and pricing.
Species Somalyze


SOMALYZE is a non-stimulant based fat burner that, simultaneously, functions as a sleep aid.

Please contact for details and pricing.
Species Aqualyze - AQUALYZE uses all-natural vitamins and herbs to help rid the body of excess subcutaneous water.


AQUALYZE uses all-natural vitamins and herbs to help rid the body of excess subcutaneous water. Whether preparing for an important photo shoot, looking to compete in a physique competition, or just feeling a little bloated during that time of the month, AQUALYZE gives your body that tight, shrink-wrapped, appearance youíve been looking for.

Please contact for details and pricing.
Macadamia nut oil has the highest concentration of monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) than any other available oil.


Macadamia nut oil has the highest concentration of monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) than any other available oil. This incredible omega-9 fat, oleic acid, has documented cancer preventative and heart protective properties. In fact, itís considered the gold standard for reducing inflammation and restoring health to our internal environment. Macadamia nut oil is so high in monounsaturated fats (84-85%) that it even surpasses extra virgin olive oil (65-74%).

Please contact for details and pricing.

Ogio Freezer Backpack Cooler

Ogio Freezer Backpack Cooler

Always ready for a good time with dry storage on top and a large, 10 can cooler in the base complete with a fleece lined audio pocket with headphone exit port.

This is one of the best items you could own for anyone trying to eat every few hours with the cooler compartment in the bottom.
Put a meal or two in there with a small ice pak and your purse or what-have-you in the dry compartment up top,  water bottle holders on the sides, and zipper compartments in the front for cutlery and whatever else.
This is perfect when you just need to pack a meal or two, ie: while shopping, on the plane, in a meeting, at the movies, hiking, if you have kids, etc...
Available in black with the large pocket on the front embroidered in white with "Fit Body"

* Top dry storage area
* Large cooler area in base
* 2 exterior mesh water bottle pockets
* Fleece-lined top drop-in audio pocket
* with headphone exit port
* Exterior sleeve pocket
* 10 can capacity

Open Ogio Freezer Bag

* Dimensions: 18.5" x 14" x 8.5"
* Capacity: 2000 cu in
* Materials: 600D polyester, 420 diamond dobby nylon


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