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Be who you were meant to be.

Mission Statement:

My intent is to guide one on the path: to harness, develop, and continually cultivate their whole well-being through a focused, dedicated, and disciplined process in physical & mental development, which will ensure the positive and desired outcome that one seeks.

Client Specialty Focus:

  • Fitness & Health
  • Physique Transformation: Muscle/Strength Gain, Fat/Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Individualized/Group Martial Arts training
Brandon Best - Absolute Best!

Certifications & Education

  • BCRPA certified Personal Trainer
  • Trained by: U.S. National Champion Powerlifter & Canadian National Level bodybuilder Dawn Alison & IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Carlos Rabiei
  • Brandon is currently preparing for his first physique and bodybuilding competitions in 2012.
  • Martial Arts, 25+ years of experience (Shaolin gung-fu/wushu, Western Boxing, Muay Chaiya, and others).
  • Brandon continues to develop himself and his skill set. He will always remain a source of benefit to others.
Brandon Best Absolute Best, Brandon Best      
Brandon Best Brandon Best

Brandon Best Brandon Best Brandon Best

Personal Insight

Strive to be a reflection of Discipline: Accomplish your goals to the best of your ability,
accepting no limit as the only limit.

The first step is yours. Find me, and I will be with you for the rest of the journey.
Dawn Alison & Brandon Best  
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